version 3.0--> FM-FWD1P: MyDIO Airplane Model Kit 1 w/pine base


FM-FWD1P: MyDIO Airplane Model Kit 1 w/pine base

MyDIO Airplane Model Kits

"These kits are turly unique and produced exclusively by Flyteline Models."

So, what can you do with a MyDIO Airplane Model Kit?

There are a number of things you can do with these kits! Among them is the ability to give your models and illusion of being in 'free flight' by creating a diorama using patented MID Technology, with fully illustrated instructions, only available from FLYTELine Models. The MyDIO Kits are designed to fit most plastic snap-fit style models with split fuselage up to 11 inch in length. Typically small 1:144 scale models, or more universally 1:200 scale models, such as those by MiniCraft or Revelle work excellent. The MyDIO Kits can also be used to create static displays for your 1:400 and 1:500 scale diecast airplane models, in a diorama, airport scenes or just about any other variation you can think of! The MyDIO Airplane Model Kit is a unique and versatile kit which makes a gift that is truly appreciated by any hobbyist. And, the technology can be adapted for your model cars or ships as well! The kits are available it two versions and you won't find another like them anywhere!

MyDIO Airplane Model Kit 2 - With Acrylic Cover

The ultimate kit for creating an eye catching display! This kit includes a specially manufactured contoured display cover. This is a 3mm strong, crystal clear acrylic cover engineered to provide the most in viewing pleasure to bring out your display...not some cheap plastic cover. The kit also includes the MyDIO Mirror, which is a special first surface, high impact polystyrene optical mirror, Genuine Red Oak hardwood base, mounting hardware, and fully illustrated instruction in 8 different languages! Recommended for ages 14 to adult.

MyDIO Airplane Model Kit 1 - Open Air Version

This kit includes the special MyDIO optical mirror, Pine wood display base and backboard, mounting hardware and fully illustrated instructions in 8 languages. Recommended for ages 14 or older.

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Item: FM-FWD1P: MyDIO Airplane Model Kit 1 w/pine base
Price: $ 54.95 USD
Mfg: FLYTELine
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This kit utlizes Pine wood components. An upgrade version is available with Red Oak hardwood. (Item FM-FWD1R).

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